The Goonj School-to-School (S2S) Programme, implemented by Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan, focuses on education enhancement across 100 villages in Daringbadi Block, Katogada Block, and K. Nuagaon Block. The program distributes school kits, supports Anganwadi Centers, and encourages
active parental involvement.


  1. Provide essential school supplies.
  2. Enhance Anganwadi Centers with toy support.
  3. Engage parents in their children’s education actively.


The distribution of school kits, toy support to Anganwadi Centers, and parental engagement initiatives have positively impacted education in targeted villages. Improved academic performance, increased attendance, and heightened motivation among students are visible outcomes.

Challenges and Future Plans:

While the program has seen progress, sustainability remains a challenge. Future plans include establishing partnerships, expanding the program’s reach, and maximizing its impact on education and child development.


The Goonj S2S Programme has successfully promoted quality education and parental involvement in 100 villages. The program’s impact on academic performance and motivation showcases its potential for further positive change in Kandhamal.

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