The Goonj Not Just a Piece of Cloth (NJPC) Programme, executed by Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan, operates in 56 villages across Daringbadi and Katogada Blocks. This report outlines activities focused on hygiene, sanitation, and menstrual health.

Three-Time Activities:

The program conducted activities emphasizing WASH infrastructure development, awareness on menstrual hygiene, and the distribution of Goonj MY PAD KITs.

Impact and Future Plans:

The NJPC Programme has positively impacted villages, enhancing awareness, and improving lives. Future plans include expanding to more villages, strengthening collaborations, and exploring sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions.


The NJPC Programme has successfully promoted hygiene, sanitation, and menstrual health in 56 villages. The active involvement of community members has been crucial in achieving positive outcomes.

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