The Odisha Millet Mission Programme, a flagship initiative of the Department of Agriculture and Farmers Empowerment, Government of Odisha, has made noteworthy progress in the past year. The program, designed to promote and cultivate millets, particularly Ragi, collaborates with ATMA Kandhamal and receives technical assistance from WASSAN. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the program’s achievements.

In the cultivation and promotion domain, the program, in
collaboration with ATMA Kandhamal, engaged 1,500 farmers across 14 gram panchayats in the K. Nuagaon Block. Efforts were focused on sustainable agricultural
practices, resulting in millet cultivation on over 1,000
hectares. Training initiatives equipped farmers with knowledge on millet cultivation, pest management, and soil conservation. The procurement and market linkages component successfully procured 4,000 quintals of Ragi,
ensuring fair prices and timely payments for farmers. Market channels for millet products were established, expanding opportunities for farmers within and beyond Odisha.

Creating awareness about millets and their nutritional benefits was a priority. The program organized events like millet food festivals and conducted awareness campaigns, emphasizing millets’ role in addressing malnutrition, particularly in tribal areas.

Competitions recognizing excellence in millet farming practices incentivized farmers and fostered healthy competition. The program concludes with a commitment to expanding its reach, increasing farmer participation, and promoting millets as a sustainable and nutritious crop. Through collaboration, innovative approaches, and stakeholder engagement, the Odisha Millet Mission Programme aims to fortify the millet ecosystem and contribute to the well-being of farmers and consumers.

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