In 2023, Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan, supported by Selco Foundation, has made significant strides in sustainable livelihood initiatives in Daringbadi Block. By harnessing renewable energy, particularly through the installation of solar panels, the project has successfully empowered marginalized communities in the village. Key activities include the establishment of five strategically located rural xerox shops, enhancing accessibility to essential document services at affordable prices. Additionally, the initiative has set up five swing machines, providing crucial support to widows and physically challenged individuals for regular income generation, promoting self-reliance and inclusivity. Notable achievements include economic empowerment, improved community accessibility, and inclusive livelihood opportunities. Impact assessment indicates positive changes, including increased income and enhanced access to document services. Looking ahead, Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan, in collaboration with Selco Foundation, is committed to scaling up renewable energy initiatives and exploring avenues for further inclusive community development. Heartfelt acknowledgments are extended to Selco Foundation for their indispensable support and visionary partnership in these impactful endeavors.

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