The Goonj Comprehensive Fieldwork (CFW) Programme, executed by Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan, has significantly uplifted communities in 600 villages across Daringbadi Block, Katogada Block, and K. Nuagaon Block. This report highlights key achievements, primarily focusing on road infrastructure, water management, and basic infrastructure development.

Road Development:

The program prioritized enhancing road infrastructure to connect rural villages, fostering economic growth, and improving access to education, healthcare, and communication services. The repaired roads facilitated transportation, resulting in economic opportunities and improved overall well-being.

Village Water Infrastructure:

The program empowered communities to manage
and maintain their water sources, ensuring sustainable access to clean water. This initiative not only addressed a fundamental need but also promoted community ownership and responsibility.

Basic Infrastructure Enhancement:

Various initiatives, including the construction of schools, community centers, and sanitation facilities, elevated the quality of life in targeted villages. By addressing essential needs, the program laid a foundation for sustainable development.


The Goonj CFW Programme, driven by Kandhamal Zilla Sabuja Vaidya Sangathan, has made significant strides in improving the targeted communities’ lives. The collaborative efforts of the implementing organization and local communities have been instrumental in achieving sustainable development outcomes.

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