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Smruti Pradhan

KZSVS – An Initiative to improve the quality of life of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of the society

Smruti Pradhan

Smruti Pradhan is a young and promising member of the KZSVS team, serving as the Accountant for the Special Programme for Promotion of Integrated Farming at Daringbadi and Community Forest Management (CFM) under Dhwani Foundation. At the age of 22, Smruti holds a Master’s degree in Commerce (MA) and demonstrates a commitment to the social sector with over one year of experience.

Smruti’s role as an Accountant showcases her well-developed accounting skills, which are crucial for the financial management of complex programs. Despite her relatively short one-year journey with KZSVS, Smruti’s capabilities in this area are commendable, and her willingness to learn is evident in her interest in compliance and capacity for continuous improvement.

In addition to her accounting proficiency, Smruti possesses good communication skills, enabling effective collaboration with stakeholders and responsible parties. Her polite demeanor contributes to a positive working environment and fosters relationships that are crucial in the social sector.

Smruti has gained valuable experience in account-related compliance and exhibits a keen interest in expanding her learning capacity. Her dedication to responsibilities, combined with her skills in record-keeping, ensures the accurate and transparent financial management of projects under her purview.

In summary, Smruti Pradhan represents a promising talent within KZSVS, combining academic qualifications with a practical approach to accounting and a positive attitude toward learning and compliance. As the Accountant for significant programs, she contributes to the organization’s mission of promoting integrated farming and sustainable community forest management.