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Sarat Kumar Baliarsingh

KZSVS – An Initiative to improve the quality of life of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of the society

Sarat Kumar Baliarsingh

Sarat Kumar Baliarsingh, an esteemed member of the KZSVS team, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Block Programme Coordinator for Horticulture and Agriculture. At the age of 55, Sarat is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of dedicated service in the social sector, making him a stalwart in the field.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Social Work, Sarat has proven himself as a highly qualified and knowledgeable individual. His role as the Block Programme Coordinator within the Special Programme for the promotion of integrated farming demonstrates his commitment to sustainable and holistic development.

Having spent four years with KZSVS, Sarat has not only demonstrated his competence but also exhibited a profound dedication to his responsibilities. His expertise goes beyond academic qualifications, as he is recognized as a master trainer in the social sector. Sarat’s ability to effectively communicate, train, and mobilize communities has contributed significantly to the success of various projects undertaken by KZSVS.

A notable strength of Sarat lies in his exceptional report-writing skills, making him a valuable asset when it comes to documenting and communicating the impact of KZSVS initiatives. His meticulous and comprehensive reports have played a crucial role in showcasing the organization’s achievements and garnering support for future endeavors.

Sarat Chandra Baliarsingh is not merely a team member; he is a community mobilizer, project writer, and a dedicated professional who continues to channel his extensive experience and skills towards the betterment of the social sector. His journey of over three decades serves as a testament to his enduring commitment to creating positive change and fostering sustainable development.