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KZSVS – An Initiative to improve the quality of life of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of the society

Durga Madhab Pradhan

Durga Madhab Pradhan is a key member of the KZSVS team, serving as the Block Programme Coordinator for Livestock & Fishery within the Special Programme for the promotion of integrated farming. At the age of 40, Durga Madhab combines youthful energy with more than two decades of experience in the social sector, making him a seasoned and well-rounded professional.

Armed with a Master’s degree in Social Work, Durga Madhab is academically qualified to address the complex challenges of community development. With a journey spanning three years at KZSVS, he has exhibited commendable dedication and competence in his role. His primary responsibilities involve overseeing and coordinating initiatives related to livestock and fishery, contributing significantly to the organization’s integrated farming program.

Durga Madhab is recognized as a master trainer, a testament to his ability to impart knowledge and skills effectively. His expertise extends to being a standout livelihood program implementer, showcasing a deep understanding of sustainable practices in the livestock and fishery sectors. Through his contributions, he has played a pivotal role in enhancing the economic prospects of communities involved in integrated farming programs.

Known for his dedication and reliability, Durga Madhab is not only a proficient community mobilizer but also excels as a situation manager. His capacity to navigate challenges and find effective solutions has made him an invaluable asset to KZSVS. With more than two decades of experience in the social sector, Durga Madhab Pradhan continues to be a driving force in promoting positive change and sustainable development within the communities served by KZSVS.

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