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KZSVS – An Initiative to improve the quality of life of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of the society

Bibina Pradhan

Bibina Pradhan stands as a dedicated and experienced team member within KZSVS, currently serving as the Programe led to Goonj. At the age of 32, Bibina brings a youthful vibrancy to her role, coupled with a wealth of knowledge garnered over more than eight years in the social sector.

Though possessing a graduate degree in BA, Bibina’s commitment to her responsibilities and her practical experience have made her an integral part of the KZSVS team. Her impressive eight-year journey within the organization is a testament to her enduring dedication and impactful contributions.

In her role as Programme Coordinator at Project Goonj, Bibina has showcased exceptional skills in record-keeping, document management, and data handling. Her meticulous approach to maintaining accurate and detailed records has proven invaluable in tracking and assessing the impact of various programs, contributing to the overall efficiency of Project Goonj.

Bibina Pradhan’s proficiency extends beyond administrative tasks; she is recognized as a dedicated community mobilizer. Her ability to connect with and engage communities has played a crucial role in the successful implementation of the Goonj program. Bibina’s eight years of experience in the social sector have made her a seasoned professional, and her commitment to her responsibilities is evident in her role as the best Goonj program implementer.

In summary, Bibina Pradhan’s journey with KZSVS reflects not only her longevity within the organization but also her multifaceted skills. As a well-rounded team member, she continues to contribute significantly to the success of Project Goonj, embodying the organization’s commitment to positive social impact.

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