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Ashique Ranjan Nayak

KZSVS – An Initiative to improve the quality of life of the poorest and most disadvantaged members of the society

Ashique Ranjan Nayak

Ashique Ranjan Nayak is a dynamic and experienced team member within KZSVS, currently serving as the Block Programme Coordinator for the Special Programme for Promotion of Millets in Tribal areas at K. Nuagaon Block. At 30 years old, Ashique brings a youthful energy combined with a Master’s in Social Work (MSW), reflecting his dedication to contributing to the social sector.

With a five-year journey at KZSVS, Ashique has amassed a wealth of experience that extends beyond his formal education. His expertise lies in overseeing the Special Programme for the Promotion of Millets in Tribal areas, demonstrating his commitment to sustainable agricultural practices in tribal communities.

Ashique’s standout quality lies in his well-honed management skills, which have played a pivotal role in the successful implementation of programs under his purview. He possesses a keen ability to communicate effectively with stakeholders, showcasing a knack for building and maintaining relationships with those responsible for program success.

Beyond his administrative prowess, Ashique is recognized as a dedicated community mobilizer, forging meaningful connections within the tribal communities. His commitment to his responsibilities is evident in his role as the best program manager, showcasing his ability to navigate challenges and ensure the successful execution of initiatives.

In summary, Ashique Ranjan Nayak embodies a well-rounded and dedicated professional within KZSVS. His journey reflects not only his educational qualifications but also his practical skills and commitment to community development. As the Block Programme Coordinator, he continues to make a significant impact in promoting sustainable agricultural practices and fostering positive change in tribal areas.

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